Thanks to Lockerd for helping selecting mods and supporting while I put this pack together, so all of us can enjoy together. This should be a fairly short process on how to install. First thing you will need is MultiMC. I’ve sent you a link in the Discord Chat, along with a link to the files you’ll need. Install MultiMC to a folder of your choice. I chose to install mine on the root C: Drive and make a shortcut to the program file on the desktop.


When you open the program for the first time, this is what you will see. You need to add your Minecraft profile first. Click where it says profiles on the top right, then manage accounts.


This screen should pop up. Click add, then enter your account info.


Make sure you set it as default. After, close the screen and you’ll be back at the main screen. Click the paper with the star on the top bar. Don’t worry about filling out any information it asks for. Just click the bottom option that says import Modpack, and click the three … to browse your filesystem. Find your CustomPack zip you downloaded earlier and select it, then hit open, then ok.



You might get this screen. Don’t panic. I have included a zipfile on the link I sent you via Discord. It’s named libraries. What you need to do is place the libraries folder inside the zip into the root of the mmc-stable-win32 folder (the main MultiMC folder). Close MultiMC and then reopen.


By default, the Direwolf20 pack this was based off of uses JourneyMap as the minimap mod. I disabled it on my clientside because I prefer Voxelmap. If you wish to use Voxelmap, there is nothing you need to fix. If you prefer Journeymap, then rightclick your Custom Pack instance on MultiMC and select edit instance. You’ll want to click Loader Mods, then scroll down and find Journeymap, which will be unselected. Select it, then scroll down more and unselect VoxelMap.


You should already have the server info saved to the client, if not, I will post it in Discord.